Dr. Kyle’s family secured a solid footing in the middle class with paths to opportunity paved by America’s strong commitment to putting its workers first. Sadly, this kind of support for everyday Americans has been all but destroyed by an economy that rewards hoarded wealth over hard work. Dr. Kyle’s mom spent her working life—from age 18 through retirement—as a United Rubber Worker on the assembly line at General Motors. Her dad began his career as a union bookbinder and steelworker. After being drafted and serving at the Pentagon during the Vietnam War, he benefited from the GI Bill and was hired into a management role at General Motors.

My Chief of Staff, Dudley

To renew our commitment to hardworking Americans like her parents and grandparents, Dr. Kyle will always put Main Street over Wall Street. Her family’s work ethic was lifted up by sound investments in their future. This combination of bootstraps and support made this country the powerhouse it once was and could be again.

Her dad’s GM job led her to Flint, Michigan where she graduated high school. From this personal connection, she knows it is necessary to fight for clean water. That’s why she called for federal funds to help rebuild Flint’s infrastructure and supports fully funding community health initiatives to protect our kids from contaminated water. She also witnessed the devastation of her family’s farm in Appalachia from strip mining and how this destroyed generations of opportunity in farming. She will always fight for the humble working-class communities who are most at risk of being harmed by the reckless actions of dirty corporate polluters.

Dr. Kyle’s concerns regarding offshore oil and gas exploration are rooted in the tragic loss of life of an extended family member in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion. She believes in protecting workers’ safety so that never again will an oil worker die in a fiery explosion to fuel our addiction to dirty fossil fuels. Instead, she’s committed to investing in safe, good-paying jobs in clean, renewable energy sources.