Dr. Kyle has pledged to stay on call you—the people and the place that she loves. This commitment is rooted in both a personal and professional understanding that in order to have healthy families, you need healthy and safe communities. In this spirit, she is determined to reverse the recent reckless decisions by the majority of County Commissioners which are threatening our economy, quality of life, and our health. The sickness of this current brand of politics is putting ideology over good governance—it’s the sad reality of viewing money and privatization as the ultimate end goals, instead of the public good.

Her personal commitment to public service and building healthy communities is based on her own family’s working-class roots and long history of service in the armed forces. From a small farm in Eastern Appalachian Kentucky to the General Motors factory floor, her family’s struggle to find opportunity and secure a solid footing in the middle class is proving sadly common in our county. Opportunity for many is limited—as wages stay stagnant, affordable housing is scarce, healthcare costs rise, and basic public services are being cut or privatized. 

Dr. Kyle knows from personal connection the tremendous toll that an unsafe environment can have on a community. While in high school, her dad’s GM job led her to Flint, Michigan where, in order to save money, decisions were made to circumvent local leadership and to disregard public outcry. The devastating consequences of these decisions have poisoned a generation of kids. Given her personal connection to the Flint water crisis, she knows it is necessary to fight for investments in infrastructure and community health initiatives to protect our kids from contaminated water. 

She has also witnessed the devastation of her family’s farm in Appalachia from strip mining and how this destroyed generations of opportunity in farming. She saw how polluters cut and run with their profits—leaving communities on the hook for cleanup that’s never possible, and at a price they can ill afford to bear. Because of this, she will fight to protect the lives and livelihoods of the most vulnerable in our community, and to hold polluters like Chemours accountable to clean our water and keep us safe.

Dr. Kyle’s concerns regarding offshore oil and gas exploration are rooted in the tragic loss of life of an extended family member in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion. She believes in protecting workers’ safety so that never again will an oil worker die in a fiery explosion to fuel our addiction to dirty fossil fuels. Instead, she will promote investing in safe, good-paying jobs in the kind of clean industries whose missions align with a healthier future for our coast and county.

Dr. Kyle’s family secured a solid footing in the middle class with paths to opportunity paved by America’s strong commitment to putting its workers first. Sadly, the combination of bootstraps and support which made this country the powerhouse it once was is becoming a thing of the past. Our economy consistently fails to reward hard work and our politicians are failing to make sound investments in the future—investments that can and should be made at the local level. Our local economy will not grow in the way we envision with failing infrastructure, underfunded public schools, limited public works, and contaminated drinking water. 

In 2020, I will be on call for New Hanover County!