By Vince Winkel | WHQR

Two Democrats – Kyle Horton and Grayson Parker – are battling for the chance to challenge Republican incumbent David Rouzer in the general election for the U.S. House of Representatives District 7 seat. Healthcare is of particular importance to Kyle Horton.

Kyle Horton is a medical doctor who has worked as a Veterans Affairs provider. As a VA provider, she says she witnessed first-hand the delays and struggles of the VA healthcare system. She uses a medical analogy to describe why she is running.

“In our district, the hard-working families of eastern North Carolina are really being left behind, if I were going to give a diagnosis to Washington it would be critical condition.”

The partisanship of 2018, she says, is frustrating and unnecessary.

“And really, healing our divides is about ensuring that we have that conversation as Americans about those core things that we agree about that are a part of our story with the founding fathers and the patriotic values that we used to all share.”

If elected she would like to strengthen the EPA, she says, so it has more teeth to battle companies like DuPont and Chemours. In addition, she favors a big infrastructure bill, and investing in building opportunity for all Americans.

“What has been happening is a tide of basically hoping that wealth will trickle down. We need to rebuild this country from the bottom up and the middle class out. The tax scam is a good example of where the tax bill – the cuts were made permanent for the wealthiest corporations but only temporary for middle and working class families.”

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