By Vince Winkel | WHQR

Kure Beach physician Kyle Horton and Goldsboro businessman Grayson Parker squared off Tuesday, to be the Democratic nominee to challenge incumbent Republican U.S. Representative David Rouzer, of the 7th Congressional District.

Dr. Kyle Horton ran away with the race to face David Rouzer, a Republican from Johnston County, in the November general election. She garnered 67 percent of the vote, with opponent Grayson Parker behind.

Horton is no fan of the Trump tax cuts.

“The cuts were made permanent for the wealthiest corporations but only temporary for middle and working class families. Only about eight cents on the dollar is going to end up in the pocket of American workers is what the CEO’s had said when they were surveyed. Whereas 14 cents and 22 cents are going to go to stock buy-backs and dividends.”

In November Horton will challenge Congressman Rouzer for his 7th district seat.

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