An environment free of pollution is the best gift we can give our children. I will fight for policies that promote clean, healthy, and safe environments for our families. As a doctor who lived in Flint, MI, I know about the devastating consequences of a lack of leadership on issues of clean water and am determined to provide the consistent leadership these crises merit.

  • Demand basic environmental protections to keep water safe and drinkable
  • Champion legislation that studies the impact of GenX and other contaminants on health and act according to the findings
  • Hold multinational corporations directly responsible for contaminating drinking water with industrial hog farm waste
  • Make energy corporations pay for the cleanup of toxic coal ash ponds rather than transferring costs to ratepayers
  • Pursue compensation for victims of toxic exposures on federal properties, in federal facilities and on public land
  • Continue to fully fund the Environmental Protection Agency and support its efforts

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