A strong national defense depends upon an understanding of the multitude of new threats facing us today. I acknowledge the very real threat of extremism and terrorism in all its forms and believe we must be vigilant in protecting Americans’ lives. But Americans are war-weary and justifiably concerned that we are not always fighting on the right fronts. Our safety requires leaders who support coherent, consistent policies that reject authoritarianism, strengthen alliances, and protect our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

As a gun owner, I am not anti-gun. But as a Doctor, I know that gun violence in our country, and especially in our schools, is an epidemic. I am against politicians who put the interests of the gun manufacturers and their lobbyists above the safety of children. My prescription is common sense gun laws that include universal background checks and closing loopholes while honoring the rights of sportsmen and law-abiding gun owners.

  • De-escalate nuclear brinksmanship between the United States and unstable authoritarian regimes
  • Empower our national security agency professionals in their efforts to combat cyber threats impacting our citizens, businesses, infrastructure, and democracy
  • Combat domestic terrorism, both religious and political, by working with federal agencies and local law enforcement, and by engaging communities to develop strategies that prevent radicalization
  • Fight international terrorism by supporting American intelligence agencies in their efforts to identify and respond proactively to threats
  • Reinforce congressional oversight into executive authorizations of the use of force in order to protect constitutional checks and balances designed to prevent unnecessary military action
  • Respect and foster long-standing relationships with trusted allies
  • Promote common-sense gun reform laws that include universal background checks and closing loopholes

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