We must preserve our democratic heritage by upholding the checks and balances built into the constitution by our forefathers. The independence of the judiciary and the press must be maintained if we are to continue to act as a free and fair democracy. Our politicians should be guided by their constituents’ needs, not by simple party loyalty or the demands of their donors. Big money in politics, attacks on the courts and press, voter suppression, and partisan gerrymandering all threaten our democracy. I promise to champion voter rights and campaign finance reform in order to uphold the sanctity of our democratic institutions.

  • Return North Carolina to its status as a free and fair democracy from its current ranking alongside “pseudo-democracies like Cuba, Indonesia, and Sierra Leone,” according to The Electoral Integrity Project’s 2016 report
  • Pass a new Voting Rights Act to stop voter suppression and protect all Americans’ fundamental voting rights
  • Champion independent, non-partisan redistricting which ensures voters are able to pick their politicians and not the other way around
  • Support comprehensive campaign finance reform to get dark money out of politics
  • Close the revolving door that enables former congressional representatives and staff to obtain lucrative lobbying jobs and influence their former colleagues immediately upon leaving office
  • Protect the freedom of the press by reinforcing constitutional tenets that ensure the safety of journalists and their right to report the truth at home and abroad

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