We need an economy that works for all, not just the few. Americans are rightfully angry that we are working harder and harder with less to show for it. I will fight for living wage jobs, equal pay for equal work, and workers’ right to organize. I will support investment in projects and technology that create 21st-century jobs and update essential infrastructure such as the energy grid, Internet service, roads, bridges, ports, and schools. By supporting an economy that rewards hard work and prioritizes the financial security of families, I will be a champion for Main Street over Wall Street.

  • Raise the federal minimum wage to guarantee workers a living wage
  • Negotiate trade agreements that protect American jobs from unfair foreign competition
  • Guarantee workers the right to organize for a seat at the table to negotiate safety standards, pay, and working conditions.
  • Give workers the tools and information necessary to achieve equal pay for equal work
  • Fund infrastructure projects that create good-paying jobs, repair crumbling roads and bridges, and bring us fully into the 21st century
  • Foster growth and job creation in rural communities that have been neglected by career politicians who put the needs of corporate donors above those of their constituents
  • Invest in small businesses as vital job creators and engines of economic growth on Main Street

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