Our current tax system creates an economy that rewards wealth instead of hard work. Last year, not even a penny of the world’s wealth growth went to the bottom 50% worldwide. Instead, 82% of the wealth went to the top 1%. Tax cuts for the super-rich and big corporate tax evaders will only make this worse. These kinds of trickle-down policies have never put money in the pockets of middle-class families. We need to embrace the tax policies of the bygone era after WW2 that encouraged investment in the future and allowed us to create the strongest middle class the world has ever known.

  • Oppose taxation without representation and Washington bureaucrats who insist on balancing budgets on the backs of Americans struggling from paycheck to paycheck
  • Put critical tax dollars back into fundamental public programs—basics like schools, roads, law enforcement and emergency services—that Americans rely on every day
  • Simplify the tax code to benefit individuals and small businesses instead of those who have high-priced accountants and tax attorneys to game the system
  • Close loopholes that allow corporations and billionaires to offshore their money and get out of paying taxes
  • Return to a tax code that rewards hard work over hoarded wealth

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